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Sportbike Track Girl's Ladies First events are staffed with both men and women riders. An entire staff listing can be found here for northern region and here for southern region, but we would like to highlight our wonderful Sportbike Track Time female staff members!

Cyndi Sadler

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  • Nickname: Lou Who
  • Profession: E-Commerce
  • Bike(s): Honda RS125, Monster 900
  • On track since: 2009
  • Highlights: Changing over all my bikes to GP shift, riding on track without having to follow an instructor & most importantly growing the female riding track community.
  • Goals: Confidence, seat time, & growing the female riding community. Seeing more women get on track makes me so happy. Women are great riders and having a community of women that enjoy the track is so much fun for me.
  • Track Day Advice: Coaches are trackday secret weapons. Wheather you are scared going out on track for the first time, after a fall, or just looking to drop some lap times, the coaches are more than happy to help. There is such a wide variety of talented coaches available at each and every trackday just looking to help people out. Take advantage of them!
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